CD Duplication

Let Axis Media_Print help you with your CD and DVD projects. There are a number of different methods for producing a CD or DVD, and we will help you determine which is most suitable for your project, considering such things as budget and leadtime. Don’t leave it to chance. Trust the experts! Give us a call to go through your requirements and we can help advise you of the best path forward.

Disc duplication is the process used for copying discs quickly and is ideal for CD and DVD under 500 units. Disc duplication is direct disc to disc copying and printing. We duplicate directly from your supplied master disc to quality blank discs using a duplicator and then print and pack according to your requirements. The discs are printed using either full colour inkjet or thermal picture print and can even be printed with individual serial numbers or barcodes using our Disc Publishing Service.

This disc duplication method allows us to print the discs ahead of receiving the master content, it is very often the case that the artwork is ready, but not the data or content until the very last moment. Disc duplication is the fastest and most versatile way of producing smaller quantities up to 500 units. It is ideal if you have several master discs and need different quantities of each or if your project is time critical. Quantities under 500 can often be turned around same day.

This combined with our ability to print card wallets and digipacks inhouse means you won’t be left waiting for your order!


CD | DVD | Blu-ray Disc Replication Service

Disc replication is used for larger manufacturing runs and is ideal for CD, DVD and Blu-ray orders over 1000 units. Disc replication is the process of replicating CDs/DVDs in a controlled production environment using injection moulding equipment to make the discs from raw materials. For runs of 1000 upwards, disc replication is the most cost-effective method of producing. The reason for this is that whilst the initial setup cost of producing a glass master and formatting the machines for your job is higher, once configured the cost of producing each unit is very low and requires minimal user intervention.


Copy Protect Security Services

We can encrypt, password protect and personalise your CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs with the lastest security products available. ie 256-bit AES encryption and password protect.
We also provide video protect for anti-piracy protection from 1 unit upwards.


CD | DVD | Blu-ray Paper Print Parts and Packaging

We supply a range of packaging for your CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, from clear plastic wallets, jewel cases and standard DVD cases to multi-CD/DVD cases. Standard and Bespoke printing such as Digipaks, Digifiles, printed card wallets along with standard jewel case and DVD case print. Advantages include we can print from 1 unit upwards and manage your project in realistic lead times.


CD | DVD | Blu-ray Screen / Litho printing

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so it’s vital your disc stands apart and makes the right impact. If you do not have access to your own artwork department, our in-house Graphic Design team can create a design for you that will ensure your discs get noticed.

Whether you need a stock of CDr, DVDr or Blu-ray discs preprinted with your business logo on them for inhouse use or have marketing materials to send out on disc, we can look after your printing needs and recommend the best media and print options to suit your requirements. Anything from black only to full colour picture prints and even serialisation and barcoding. CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc printing can be done in a number of ways. Short runs will be printed using a thermal or inkjet printer, larger runs will be printed using a silk screen print process for simple pantone colour artwork or litho printing process for full colour picture designs.