DVD Duplication

Disc duplication is the process used for copying discs quickly and is ideal for CD, DVD and Blu-ray orders under 500 units. Disc duplication is direct disc to disc copying and printing. We duplicate directly from your supplied master disc to quality blank discs using a duplicator and then print and pack according to your requirements. The discs are printed using either a single black thermal ribbon or full colour inkjet or thermal picture print and can even be printed with individual serial numbers or barcodes using our Disc Publishing Service.

This disc duplication method allows us to print the discs ahead of receiving the master content, it is very often the case that the artwork is ready, but not the data or content until the very last moment. Disc duplication is the fastest and most versatile way of producing smaller quantities up to 500 units. It is ideal if you have several master discs and need different quantities of each or if your project is time critical. Quantities under 500 can often be turned around same day.